I have been very fortunate in my career.

My father was an actuary. At the peak of his career he ran the accident and health area for Employers Reinsurance Corporation in Kansas City. I found his work to be fascinating, and he encouraged me to pursue it. We never worked in the same company, but we shared our experiences extensively.

My career started at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Drake is one of the few schools in the US to offer an actuarial science program and employ two fully qualified actuaries on its faculty. I studied under Warren Adams and Newton Bowers. While at Drake I had part-time and summer jobs at the consulting firm of Buchanan & Lewis, Inc. (now Lewis and Ellis, Inc.) and The Bankers Life (now Principal Financial Group. I won a scholarship from Principal Financial Group after my sophomore year that paid half of my tuition and gave me a part-time job in the actuarial department of that excellent company. I left Drake with four actuarial exams and the CPA exam completed.

My first mentor was Howard Bolnick at Coopers and Lybrand. Howard spent only a short time in the consulting business. He is best known for his time as President of Celtic Life. He served as President of the Society of Actuaries and he is internationally known as a health actuary. Howard taught me a great deal about health insurance during our brief time together.

My second mentor was Bill Buchanan. I joined Bill when he re-entered the consulting business in 1979. Bill is well known as a consulting actuary in the life insurance business. During my time with Bill our largest client was Jackson National Life of Lansing, Michigan. We worked with Jackson National as a rapidly growing independent company. Bill continued to work with Jackson National as it was acquired by Prudential of England for $600 Million. Bill taught me a great deal about serving clients as a consulting actuary.

In 1983 I felt ready to play on a larger stage. I decided to join Tillinghast, Nelson, and Warren, Inc., which was one of the two largest firms providing actuarial consulting services in the life and health insurance industry. I was inspired to join the firm by Jim Anderson, its president. Anderson had made Tillinghast an inspiring place to work. He collected some of the most talented actuaries in the world. As Jim decided to retire from his leadership role, Tillinghast was merged into Towers, Perrin, Forster, and Crosby, Inc. Towers Perrin was one of the two largest actuarial firms in the world. My association with Tillinghast and Towers Perrin from 1983 to 1990 created many opportunities to work with significant clients and grow as a professional actuary. I left that firm in 1990 as a Vice President and Principal.

I started my own firm in 1990. During most of the time since then I have operated as a one-man show. This structure allows me to give my clients the personal attention they deserve and to control the costs they incur for my services.

Despite the small size of my consulting practice, I have been able to serve a wide variety of companies on a wide variety of projects. Several of my clients have been entrepreneurs in the life and health insurance industry. I have served these clients in all aspects of actuarial work, including product development, financial reporting, and mergers and acquisitions. I have also served some very large and well-established companies. Most of my work with larger companies has involved financial reporting and mergers and acquisitions.

My most successful client engagements have involved a close working relationship with a senior executive or an entrepreneur. In most cases I have been involved in starting a new company or a new division of an established company. These relationships have created a very exciting and rewarding career.